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Second language learning in the zone of proximal development: A revolutionary experience. To do so, most of the chapters present hands-on use of relevant statistical tests that might serve in revisiting the construct definition both theoretically and operationally.

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The role of assessment in a learning culture. Treatment of error in second language student writing 2nd ed. ELT Journal, 69 1 , 71— The methodology of evaluation. This paradigm shift is evidenced in the assessment reform that has taken place in different parts of the world, including the United Kingdom where the Assessment Reform Group originated and Europe where the Common European Framework of Reference CERF has laid a foundation for language assessment reform throughout the continent Berchoud et al. Google Scholar Wood, D. The CEFR in practice. Rethinking classroom assessment with purpose in mind.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. The role of classroom assessment in teaching and learning. Educational Psychology Review, 24 2— Formative assessment: Assessment is for self-regulated learning. Google Scholar McGarrell, H.

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Developing the theory of formative assessment. Assessment and evaluation in ELT: Shifting paradigms and practices. Classroom assessment in the context of motivation theory and research. An introduction to student-involved assessment FOR learning 6th ed. This book appeals to a broad readership, such as English Language Teaching ELT practitioners, language teachers, students, testing organizations, policy-makers, test designers, writers of test specifications, testing experts, researchers, program evaluators, especially in the Middle East and North Africa MENA as well as other international contexts. Treatment of error in second language student writing. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. Assessment for learning revisited: An Asia-Pacific perspective. Thousand Oaks: Corwin Press.

ELT Journal, 69 171— Promoting assessment as learning: Improving the learning process.

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Purpose, Theory, and Practice of Classroom L2 Writing Assessment