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The connection between a chicken and eggs is obvious but the only reason why I could leave a chicken hanging around unattended and not forget it, is because I recently saw a Facebook post with a horrendous picture of a chicken and that is still very much burned in my brain. Think of your journeys linking your memory palaces in this same way.

For example, the combination to my gym locker is the day my sister was born Jan. Since this is a temporary list, I ran with it.

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Even a rap will do! Six stars for Chromecast support.

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It is a method which uses visualization to organize and recall information. When you have to learn vocabulary words, just write the new words, write the definitions next to them, and then write a person, thing, event, movie, or any strong association to help you remember the meaning of each word. And with a Palace, it is up to you how many items you want to be able to store. Furthermore, such simple tricks would not help you one iota in memorizing something as complex as chess. For now, let us try ourselves and our Memory Palaces. However, according to the strictest definition of an acronym, only abbreviations that form a pronounceable word qualify as an acronym. One side will contain the question and the other side the answer. Try us out on any web browser — desktop, mobile, or tablet. Example: My Dear Aunt Sally mathematical order of operation: multiply and divide before you add and subtract. Looking for a high-quality podcasts app on Android? For example, I used a chocolate bar to represent chocolate, but the actual item could be chocolate powder, or something else that clearly said chocolate to me. So, start by getting yourself organised. I myself cannot think of any emotional association or any unusual association like the one between Brando and butter on the spot. One way of doing this is by taking the first letters of a string of information you want to remember and then using them to create a more memorable phrase that you find easier to recall than the original information. Use all of the information you have available to you.

The Roman orator Cicero, who needed to be able to recall large amounts of information from memory when giving speeches, described them in his treatise on oratory, De Oratore.

I want to do it without using index cards.

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By recalling something you already know and making a mental link to what you are trying to learn, you can help yourself recall the new information. The first module will be the most time-consuming to create it may take up to an hourbut the second will be faster, and third even faster.

Biv to recall the colors of a rainbow. By using flash cards you can utilize the audible side as well as the visual side of the brain.

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With practice you will see that there are some places where simplicity will always rule and complexity is not desirable. As a general study technique, the memory palace is a great one to have in your repertoire. One side will contain the question and the other side the answer. Icy Uranus and Neptune follow, and, bringing up the rear, Humble Pluto — no longer a planet — sheds a tear. As you probably noticed, a Memory Palace is extremely personal. Then on the way back you need some time to decompress. Outdoor Memory Palace Options As you move toggle between short and long term projects, explore using indoor and outdoor Memory Palaces for your memory journeys.

You can take several routes to get there.

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