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Founded inHaier at first was a traditional brand for manufacturing home appliances in China. So it is sensible for Haier to advance its technology and design creative products that are both environmentally friendly and attractive to its consumers.

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We can see from the example that the establishment of successful partnerships can help increase its efficiency and strength its market power. The external environment analysis 2. Channel connects the producers and consumers. Globalization Phase Characteristics: Products are sold in great volume to major economic regions all over the world. Under the guidance of his famous brand strategy, Haier has implemented famous brand strategy, diverse business strategy and internationalization strategy. Thirdly, Haier does not grasp the core technology of product sufficiently in the value chain and is inadequate development of Internet technology and unsuccessful external information construction. This chain measures enable consumers to trust the brand and have a high degree of product loyalty. Lastly, Haier has conducted international expansion to go global with its own intellectual property and brand identity. Currently, a lot of money is spent on applying modern techniques on the advertisements by the companies to make the products as visually attractive as possible. On the base of its independent intellectual property, Haier has participated in the setting of 23 international standards. According to Franziska Frank of Options for growth: The case of Haier B case study, this can lead to serious road blocks in future growth as information in silos can result can lead to missed opportunities in market place. Such as the research of products, it enjoys the preferential benefit on tax rate and export products tax reimbursement like those series of supportive policies. After a general review of both SWOT and Haier, this paper focuses on how Haier can make appropriate SO ST WO and WT strategies by analyzing and allocating its internal factors strengths and weaknesses as well as external environments opportunities and threats. The core of Haier culture is innovation, both for products and employees. On top of which, management system also brings a lot of economic benefits to Haier company.

Competition demystified: a radically simplified approach to business strategy [M]. Paradoxically, this interchange counters Haier future pathways since its entry into the US - integrated operations through localization strategies and gained well-known branding Kaczmarski, Therefore, China will completely ban the Freon substances in January 1,especially the new production of household electrical appliances will be a total ban on the use of Freon.

Organization Structure 5. Actually, Haier has already devoted great efforts to this area and gained some achievements such as wining the Energy-saving China Contribution Prize.

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For another, regarding the patent protection, although there is revenant legislation, the effect that carried out is poorly implemented. Under the nowadays environment, many areas Haier involved in are in the mature period. This has led to a lack of competitiveness in the field of Haier in addition to refrigerators. So we can see that global economy is becoming closer and closer, which shows a closer integration trends around the world. And span of control, management level and so to make adaptive changes in the constant. For these different channels, Haier pays attention to their characteristics and comes up with different strategies. Haier is not paying enough attention to publicity, it is only dedicated to publicizing the most famous refrigerator. The Internal environment analysis 3. Byunggak Jun 1. In a word, SWOT analysis can be extremely beneficial to those who objectively and comprehensively analyze their business.

Faced with the new brands companies, Haier should prefer to enhance the service quality, for example, offer the free repair service after buying in two years rather than lower the price than them.

Moreover, Governments and organizations all around the world are beginning to advocate and support this trend.

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Du Guanglin, Thirdly, the Haier Group has successfully carried out product diversification to expand its brand beyond refrigerators, adding washing machines, air conditioners, and other items to its product line. Any subject. The purpose of this paper is to write Haier Group Management system because it represents the earliest known Chinese brand. T Team , is the team; This allows enterprises to maintain vitality, which there will be a tremendous energy to promote enterprises developing rapidly. Furthermore, faced with different objects, it should treat them differently. So it is essential for Haier to have a faraway walk. Its success is not accidental, which can be attributed to two main aspects: hard work to challenge external competitions as well as keep the internal strengths. The rest of the paper is organized as follows. Threats T : 1 The high tax rate and standard of products in some countries are the barriers to entry and add to the costs of products. It is not simply enough to identify the four factors; instead, it is necessary to minimize or avoid weakness as well as threats and at the same time match strengths with opportunities to optimize the potential of a business to obtain leverage. In a word, SWOT analysis can be extremely beneficial to those who objectively and comprehensively analyze their business. Ruimin Refrigerators has tried to diversify first using different brands and then by adding various features based on customer preferences. Therefore, many economists and scholars have researched into this field and proposed some useful tools and models to help analyze and develop business strategies. For Ruimin Refrigerators it may result into higher logistics costs and higher packaging costs.

For another, regarding the patent protection, although there is revenant legislation, the effect that carried out is poorly implemented.

Speaking of Haier, its competitors are not a small group, like TCL, especially the Japanese brands which have the leading position in the technical aspect. And has also made market chain process reengineering, creative use of "human single one" model, each manager is an independent business body combat, everyone has their own target market and marketing goals, which can develop their own market strategies to create new markets, new demands with the fastest speed.

In addition, especially after the advent of the computer, the technology is changing very fast.

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Hopefully, it can form strategic alliance with some multinational corporations that are more competitive and experienced in international hi-end market such as Whirlpool Corporation and Matsushita Electric so that it can minimize its shortcomings in hi-tech products and enhance its overall strength.

Abroad: in contrast with the domestic situation, although the competition about the market system and law is relatively perfect, there is high tax rate as the barrier to entry for the foreign companies like Haier.

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