The salem witches and the church of the salem in the 17th and 18th century

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Yet there is an interesting similarity between the European and the New England witch crises: they both occurred in a situation of fear and uncertainty. The winter of was also harsh adding to people's anxiety. We cannot but, with all thankfulness, acknowledge the success which the merciful God has given unto the sedulous and assiduous endeavours of our honourable rulers, to detect the abominable witchcrafts which have been committed in the country, humbly praying, that the discovery of those mysterious and mischievous wickednesses may be perfected.

Witches, in the 17th century, were what communists were in the McCarthy era. He gives several examples of documents that prove that there was a very tolerant and understanding attitude towards insanity, and that no connection to evil powers was suspected in mental disorders.

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Like all of the former village pastors, Parris did not receive full pay, and in early it seemed that he would also lose his land. Ann never married and remained in Salem Village the rest of her life. The witch mania began when two girls, 9 year old Betty Parris and her 11 year old cousin Abigail Williams tried fortune telling.

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Salem witch trials