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Findings: The researchers examine the results of an experiment performed on a random sample of undecided voters the night of the final United Kingdom election debate.

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Experimental studies confirm that citizens have a great deal of difficulty making meaningful judgments about two competing messages and assertions of fact, as in a debate setting. What I found hardest to believe was the fact that only about half of the Millennials actually actively voice their thoughts.

Still, political scientists caution against overestimating the influence and even democratic utility of debates in general; and they put caveats on the ability of social science to measure their true effects.

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These findings provide a new layer of complexity to our understanding of the mechanisms underlying debate effects. Therefore, since the s presidential debates and campaigns have been televised for the nation to see, in the hopes that more citizens will be interested and partake in the voting process. In a little more than a year, that same senator, John F. Show students footage from the first debate. Presidential debates and their effects: Research roundup By Denise-Marie Ordway and John Wihbey September 20, The news media often anticipate televised presidential debates as a national event of great importance — a kind of Super Bowl of American democracy. It may be impossible to say for certain whether TV has been good or bad for American politics. However, you do. Let's examine a hypothetical situation almost identical to our country's current state. Share the background information about the campaign of provided above.

Explain to students that when people watch a debate, they look to see if candidates have important leadership qualities. Hardly -- and who can blame them, right?

Contrary to our predictions, females were not more likely than males to watch the vice presidential debate.

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How did the advent of television impact politics?