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Taryn: Did it cause you to think about where you were with your writing as a senior?

Student writing center

So meeting with you [Brian] helped me to see some of those flaws that would have sat in the paper. The course is held MWF, although some of the class times are dropped in order to allow for internship hours in the Writing Center.

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Also, please be prepared to take an active role in your session, and let the writing consultant know your concerns and what you would like to focus on. I feel fortunate to be posting after Kristiane, whose thoughtful discussion of transfer with Caroline Levine provides valuable insights to the connections between the work that we do in writing centers, writing across the curriculum, and literature classrooms. Last week I sat down for an informal conversation with one of my students, Lindsay, an English major and Honors student, and the WC instructor she worked with, Brian Chappell, who is also the Assistant Director of the WC. How the Writing Center Can Benefit a More Advanced Undergraduate Writer Taryn: So, given some of the ideas that you had about going to the WC and even some of the reservations you had, what was it like when you finally went? If you would like to add us into your syllabus, here Google Doc is sample wording ou can use. I did get good feedback on how the paper was structured and what ideas I should pursue more. In some ways, English majors and Honors students are unique, but in other ways, they stand in for a more general population of students. We would love to hear from you! But how do we actually convince them of this — how can this idea gain traction with students when they interpret their grades as a message that they already excel?

Grey time slots are unavailable. Taryn: Did you have any friends who went to the WC? History Like many university writing centers across the nation, the VT Writing Center was created in the early s to support all students with their writing.

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Graduate Writing Mentors Graduate Writing Mentors offer graduate students weekly writing support for graduate-level research projects, including theses or dissertation projects, conference presentations, and scholarly publications.

We employ a diverse group of graduate and undergraduate writing coaches working in multiple disciplines across campus. Notably, in the spring ofthe Writing Center moved from Shanks Hall to its current home, the 2nd floor of Newman Library.

We offer presentations about the Writing Center and the writing process. Please bring a copy of your assignment and your draft or notes printed out not on your laptop, please We're happy to work with you on any writing project you have from argument essays and research to lab reports and application essays.

These partnerships provide personalized and ongoing support to reach your writing goals.

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Student Writing Centers