Research paper on impulse buying behaviour

questionnaire to study the impulse buying behavior of consumers in a grocery store

Unwelcome experiences can harm the reputation and longevity of businesses. Gender-based behavioural differences in the category highlights opportunities for businesses to better customise marketing tactics for male z: 2.

Hampers rational thinking: Impulsive shopping makes buyer behave irrational. It is not only the kids who resort to impulse behavior but many times the adults of rational mind displays the impulsive. There are many factors including family, friends, society that influences consumers.

Impulsive buying is unplanned shopping done in reaction to an external trigger like on seeing the desired product in the shop. In order to crack the sales it is very important for the companies to focus on consumer behavior. Jung,G. Melewar, It has been observed that younger shoppers are more impulsive as compared to elder ones.

project report on impulse buying behaviour

Males and females have distinct responses to different stimuli, despite sharing the same beliefs on product priorities.

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Impulse buying: the role of affect, social influence, and subjective wellbeing