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The music was very popular and its best-known practitioners were rich and famous, but the often-explicit and sensationalistic He combines his own musical influences with those of Burro Banton and Bob Marley to achieve a sound and beat that is bringing generations of reggae listeners together for an enjoyable experience He was a god.

Many Jamaicans were waiting for a black messiah.

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This is the case with the dreadlock hairstyle. It has a lot of inspirations of Christianity combined into its culture.

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It has only been 84 years since Rastafarianism first originated, but it has already gained many followers around the world. Some of them like Scientology are well known because many famous celebrities like Tom Cruise practice them. There are approximately 1 million followers all around the world today. My mother. Although Haile Salassie died in , his death is not accepted by Rastafarians, who believe he will one day return. Rastafarianism is a hybrid religion that combines Christianity, mysticism, and Black Nationalism. The man responsible for the worldwide recognition of the Rastafarian religion was Bob Marley The emergence of Rasta during that period corresponds with so much that was happening around the world. Jamaica is a small and beautiful country that thrives with culture and should be studied by everyone around the world.

Rastafarians share their emotions about oppression, poverty, and black discrimination along with their religion.

Proud and confident "Rastas" even though they are humble will stand up for their rights

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Essay Rastafarianism in Jamaica