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How has your use of field recordings changed throughout the years, both from a technical and a conceptual point of view?

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Q: Finally, what are you currently working on? Aesthetically, he is working with the emotional resonance that the recordings have for him, evoking an experience with a particular place.

In the meantime I would look at the sun, the fields, the lines of ants on the wall. Many records and musicians, and above all, many friends who were deeply into many different kinds of music. The artists featured on Postcards from Italy have each carved out their own practice. A: Yes absolutely. I really like what Ratti plays, solo and with the band, but mostly I am a big fan of his collaborative project Bellows, with Giuseppe Ielasi. In the edgelands, past, present and future collide. The collaborations that make up the nine tracks of Postcards from Italy mean so much more because they function on multiple levels, capturing well the incoherence and beauty that exemplifies the best of Italy. They both have a hardcore punk background, same as me, but they have also always been into industrial, power-noise and extreme music.

The real geography is not the direct criteria I follow in selecting the material. Paesaggi sonori is the Italian translation of R.

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I deliberately avoid recordings which contain spoken language or any obvious musical idioms. However, after public opinion turned against the idea, fearing the effects of congested urban space, the Victorian state premier John Brumby announced in that the metropolitan boundary would be significantly expanded.

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