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To solve this problem, plant scientists introduced an anti freezing gene which enables GM plants to survive in cold areas.

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These will, in turn, affect farmers whose yields will go down and the issue of world hunger will continue Freedman, Comparative Essay Sample : Organic vs. They are unlikely to lead to the increased risk of cancer. At first glance, the benefits of the organic food become obvious. This has been informed by the recent health related issues. Countries like the US, which have embraced the use of GMOs, were rated among the least users of household income on food. If people in the modern American society were to focus more on consuming organic foods and products Organic Vs.

Browning said: "This research backs up what people think about organic food. Inside the body, estrogen can cause cancer, uterine fibroids, infertility, or organ malfunctioning. As communities continue to grow and develop, organic produce is becoming more prevalent as more people begin to try and switch to a healthier lifestyle.

However, a proponent of organic food can argue and say that maternal health is determined not only by the dietary consumption but also by access to health care.

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Moreover, the prices for organic food are usually higher, in comparison with the conventional one. Countries like the US, which have embraced the use of GMOs, were rated among the least users of household income on food. Inorganic Food Debate on which food is healthy for human consumption has been present for many years. The importance of quality nutrition during pregnancy is beneficial to both the mother and the child. Consequently, to all the other people still buying into the cancer causing products produced by conventional farming Vegetarian Vs. The use of genetically engineered organisms has greatly assisted the farmers especially in the developed countries that have accepted GM crops. This is an advantage that favors poor countries as a result of the large supply of food generated. Maybe you buy some of both? They also consist of salicylic acids that assist in preventing the hardening of arteries and prevent cancer. According to these researchers, organically grown food provides health benefits to Drosophila melanogaster. The crux of the matter consists in the fact that organic food is deprived of any fertilizers or artificial supplements, responsible for the growth and shapes of food. They are also safer for the consumers since they do not contain harmful chemicals absorbed from pesticides. The Value of Organic Food Some say that organic food is not healthier than conventional produce. Rob Rhineheart is correct to point out a deficiency in the system, that food has acquired something of a social life to it, creating complications that increase the time, effort, and difficulty of gaining essential nutrients

We will provide information on the subject for you. Correspondingly, they have the same forms and look quite attractive and tasty.

Therefore, growing and intake of organic foods should be encouraged across the world in order to ensure that people are safe and healthy. Also, the higher levels of cadmium and pesticides in conventional produce were still well below regulatory limits.

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Organic products contain numerous marketing claims that it is healthier, it offers more value, and the farming is more environmentally friendly than traditional foods, so, how does one determine if organic is the way to go?

Genetically engineered crops are able to resist multiple diseases and droughts thus ensuring that in the event of a dry spell, there will still be a reliable source of food Freedman, Large organic farms are what usually supply Whole Foods and other larger chain stores that have organics.

It has become clear that organic foods offer better value than conventional food despite the fact that they have been criticized to have a short shelf life due to the lack of additives.

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When 16 people followed an organic or conventional diet over two 3-week periods, those on the organic diet had slightly higher levels of certain antioxidants in their urine. In short, both organic and non-organic food consumers have many different points of views. Long-term researches witness that conventional food is deprived of many nutrients and vitamins, essential for the human organism. Among these unproven claims are the ones saying that GM foods contribute to the increase in allergies, make the body resistant to antibiotics, and are possible causes of cancerous cells replication. Thus, the organic food is considered to be eco-friendly since it does not pollute the nature with heavy pesticides and other harmful chemicals. And are they nutritionally relevant? Many vegetarians compare the meat on their plate to a family pet. People are buying into a lifestyle system. In addition, it can be stipulated that organic foods are kinder to the environment than conventional foods. Overall, the environmental friendliness and high nutritional value are the major pluses of the organic food.

However, organic foods offer many advantages that make them better alternative foods. The use of genetically engineered organisms has greatly assisted the farmers especially in the developed countries that have accepted GM crops.

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