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If you wish to apply for more than one coursework programme in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences where more than one programme is open for applicationsplease submit separate application for each coursework programme.

There is no age limit.

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All applicants are encouraged not to submit original certificates and documents. You should check with your referees and obtain their institutional e-mail address.

Candidates interested in our graduate programmes are advised to apply directly to the University and not through any agents. Candidates who apply through agents will not have any added advantage in gaining admission and the University reserves the right to reject such applications without giving reasons.

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You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The minimum set of admission requirements are given below and individual programmes may have their own additional requirements.

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Re-entry permit for Singapore permanent residents. If your application is shortlisted for admission, you will be contacted by the department after the deadline and will be asked to submit your application package to them by post. There is no limit to the transfer of credit for relevant modules that have not been used towards another degree i. I cannot modify the application information myself after I have submitted it. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. There is no limit on the credit and grade transfers of NUS modules that have not been used towards another degree at NUS. I have applied for two different programmes through the online admission system. However, should you be successful in more than one programme, you can register for only one programme of study. Minimum Requirements for Research-based Programmes Candidates must demonstrate readiness for graduate study through some specific standard of achievement in a common entry examination e. Please save or print a copy of the acknowledgement screen for future reference. Other considerations may include the potential for future contributions to the academic or professional fields, research interest of the professors involved in each degree programme and the relevance of the academic preparation for the chosen course of study. It should be noted that satisfying minimal standards is not a guarantee of admission, since the number of qualified applicants far exceeds the number of places available.

Fees If you are an Exchange student, your tuition fee is generally waived.

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