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Kroll believes that it currently conducts its activities and operations in substantial compliance with applicable governmental laws and regulations. Things are slowly changing. Whether or not actual misconduct is discovered, such inquiries, and their aftermath, can pose serious risks to companies and their stakeholders, damaging their reputation, disrupting their business operations and exposing them to government scrutiny, as well as to potential criminal, civil and regulatory liability.

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Many of the national and international accounting and consulting firms, along with other companies such as FTI Consulting, Inc. Kroll provides comprehensive background information and intelligence in areas such as personal and business reputation, financial and operating history, verification of key representations, records of litigation, liens or judgments, environmental liabilities and other actual or potential problems.

Adding a new one is not always easy.

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But he hesitated. Consulting Services Group Kroll provides independent consulting services free from the audit conflicts experienced by major accounting firms. Under pressure would the system function differently? These sales and marketing efforts include direct client sales efforts as well as seminars, briefings, receptions, breakfast and lunch meetings, direct mail and selected advertising in trade and other journals. The due diligence and background information and analysis that Kroll furnishes are intended to be useful for lenders, underwriters, potential acquirers and other businesses concerned with assessing and attempting to minimize the risks related to critical financial and other business decisions. If Kroll is unable to hire and retain skilled professionals, its business could be materially adversely affected. Operational Turnaround Services Kroll conducts a detailed review of the operations of its clients and assists in devising and implementing an operational plan that optimizes profits and cash flow. Investors are noticing. Kroll relies on a combination of trade secret and trademark laws, confidentiality procedures, contractual provisions and patent and copyright laws to protect its proprietary rights in its products and technology. Rotating issues among different agencies, part of a proposed amendment to the Dodd-Frank Act — the landmark legislation passed in the wake of the crisis — that never made it into the final legislation, also eliminates any incentive to do thorough research because ratings agencies would get a set share of work regardless of quality, says Nadler. Competition for these personnel is intense. Computer Forensics Kroll provides investigative resources to assist clients in matters such as collecting data from computers, logs, networks and other sources to facilitate investigations and tracing employees, competitors and others using internet bulletin boards to start rumors about stocks, to post trade secrets, or to conduct cyberterrorism. At Crucible, our training school in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Kroll provides training for defensive driving, surveillance detection, executive protection, close quarters combat and kidnap avoidance. In the past, Kroll has occasionally had difficulty in collecting significant accounts receivable for its services, particularly when the obligor was located in a foreign country. Even if Kroll succeeds in protecting its intellectual property, others may independently develop similar technologies or products that do not infringe on its intellectual property.

The company name was changed to Kroll Inc. Instead of focusing on ratings, Kroll wanted to distinguish his business with the underlying research — which would be forward-looking and qualitative, not based on static models, and free to investors — as well as by breaking into new sectors and doing a more thorough evaluation of the underlying securities in structured products.

The markets in which Kroll does, and intends to do, business are highly competitive with few barriers to entry. Of a total of 2, employees, 1, were located in the United States and 1, were located abroad.

These agreements would be subject to enforcement by Kroll in the event any of these employees were to resign to join one of our competitors or to compete on his or her own.

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But he says Fitch was trying to be disruptive at a time when there was no crisis in the background and investors had no pressing need to try something new. In situations where an independent investigative auditor may be required, Kroll can put its expert financial and investigative teams to work, having served as a court-appointed or agency-appointed monitor in numerous organizations including, finance, banking, construction as well as labor unions. Litigation Consulting Kroll provides litigation consulting services to outside counsel and in-house lawyers to assist them in the preparation and resolution of litigation or arbitration proceedings and in designing settlement strategies. Additionally, the laboratory of our substance abuse testing subsidiary, Kroll Laboratory Specialists, Inc. Another problem: Investors are cheap. Chevron Providing firms with investigative expertise to help resolve conflict. To the extent Kroll is unable to continue to earn success fees consistent with past levels due to competitive or other factors and cannot increase revenues from its other services, our business, operating results and financial condition may be materially adversely affected. Whether or not actual misconduct is discovered, such inquiries, and their aftermath, can pose serious risks to companies and their stakeholders, damaging their reputation, disrupting their business operations and exposing them to government scrutiny, as well as to potential criminal, civil and regulatory liability. This includes developing financial profiles and lifestyle assessments in connection with bankruptcy cases, loan defaults, internal investigations and other due diligence requests by clients. Cherkasky, its chief executive officer. Of course, some competition was to be expected, especially after the financial crisis.

If Kroll must engage in litigation to defend and enforce its intellectual property rights, either in the United States or in other countries, Kroll could face substantial costs and diversion of resources, regardless of the outcome of that litigation.

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