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Filipino graduates, e. The context of this program is not very well known to the public. Sincecritics have been very vocal on their primary concerns.

And through this teachers will find it easily to execute the lesson well with the better understanding of the pupils.

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But what does K scheme really has to offer to students? If TESDA and CHED would be left out in the planning and curriculum formulation, there is a great likelihood that the curriculum will not feed in seamlessly to either technical education or higher education. Unless this problem on coordination is addressed, at most, only DepEd will have the full hand in the formulation.

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But no matter how good these intentions are, there would still be parts of the society who would give them a hard time making this education amendment. The two years of senior high school will enable students to consolidate acquired academic skills and competencies.

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De la Cruz, Alma S. The chairman shall convene meetings and deliberations of the national working group and provide regular feedback to the head of the agency, Luistro said.

Recommendation for k to 12 program in the philippines

In recent decades the growing influence of thinking drawn from the humanities and the behavioral and social sciences has brought about the development of interpretive, normative, and critical perspectives, which have sharpened the focus on educational concerns. Since there will be two years, during the transition phase, that there will be no freshmen in the tertiary level, some general education college teachers will then have to be given teaching load in the senior high school. Enforcing this K Basic education Program enhances and develops students. Still another area that merits attention and careful study is the training of teachers who will execute the changes in the curriculum of basic education in conformity with the K program. Implementing the K to 12 Curriculum helps them to understand easily the lessons and express and share their ideas to others. They will be more ready to pursue higher education given the adequate training and academic preparation that the basic education promises. Teachers are also attending seminars and convention in order for them to improve their teaching skills and strategies. It is because they spend more time in education than us, our typical college graduate are years old while their college graduate are , this means they spend more years studying than us so they master what field they are in. The disadvantages of the K program are the lack of classrooms and the bloating of the curriculum - you simply stretched the 10 years of the current curriculum to 12 years of curriculum - there is no improvement in content - and lack of teachers. What we need are objective, actual empirical cost-benefit and pedagogical studies to support or debunk the claims of either side. Another problem on education is the lack of teachers. The new and enhanced curriculum in Grade 1 and first year high school will start in school year — With this, the standards of these countries is higher than what our country has, thus, creating an expansion in the global competency. Oliver A.
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Reaction Paper Regarding the Proposed k12 Education