How your christian experience is related to your philosophy of higher education

The principles of Biblical truth should be applied to and in all other subjects. The result will be a maturing believer who is able to live a life that is in conformity with the Word of God.

The college professor must carefully, and intentionally, engage the students in and outside the classroom to make the connection between the theoretical and the practical. Footnote 2: LeBar, Lois. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans. This is a seeking after intellectual excellence to the glory of God, and a Christian teacher should be content with nothing less than superiority in this area.

There may be a tendency to lean toward one of the extremes by either embracing a position just for the sake of advancing knowledge or by stubbornly refusing to consider anything not explicitly spelled out in Scripture.

introduction to philosophy of christian education

The motivation would not remain outward, that is because the teacher says so, but rather, the pupil must be guided to the place where he can think through the issues and apply it to his life. A teacher is to rely on the Holy spirit. Third, the teacher must assist the student in realizing the big picture with a Christian worldview.

He will continue to develop his strengths and improve on his weaknesses.

importance of education in christianity
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Development of a Philosophy of Christian Higher Education