How to write a reference letter for a daycare teacher

Begin your letter by explaining your current role and qualifications. My three year old daughter often experienced some separation anxiety when I would drop her off in the morning but Erin was always there with a big hug and a fun activity to engage my child. When we first met, I was immediately impressed with Henry, but I was lucky enough to see him grow and learn as an educator as he began introducing innovative new teaching styles that we both saw make a difference in the way his students both behaved and learned.

Your contact information will follow your signature, and you can omit the contact information of the person doing the hiring.

letter of recommendation for working with youth

She had the preschool class put on a wonderful fairy tale play for all the parents and families that included songs, lines, acting and costumes. If you are in need of more information please call me at or email me at jacquelineporter email.

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My daughter, since she was two until she attended JK, and my son since he was 12 months old until present. She has an amazing understanding of how to relate to children and how to facilitate their cognitive growth and development.

Reasons you give for their departure should focus on the positive.

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Things to Include in a Day Care Reference Letter