February writing activities

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February writing activities

Leap into a study about frogs and the rainforst on Leap Day. He moved to Indiana when he was 7 and grew up in a poor family on the American frontier. Anthony dollar coin is about the size of a U. For example, on February 27th in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born. What are some of the skills that you have learned in this club? You can find directions for how to complete biography projects shaped like a person on this page of my website: Character Body Book Report Projects. You have been selected to give George Washington a tour of your city. Hole punch the calendar and put it into a writing notebook or journal. What is your earliest childhood memory? Using the list of Biographies of Famous African Americans have your students create a newspaper or character body book report about a famous African American. During a Leap Year, February has 29 days instead of the usual 28, so the year lasts days instead of the usual What memories does it hold? For these body shaped projects, the vest area opens up to reveal an area where students have written their character descriptions.

Create a biography report about this President using the character body book report projects found on Unique Teaching Resources. How does spending time with your pet make you feel? However, no president has actually been removed from office. Tape or glue the calendar into a composition notebook or journal.

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If not, come up with a random act that you can perform later today and explain your plan. What makes your best friend unique? Carter G.

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Scouts study wildlife up close in the great outdoors and learn about nature. Your free time.

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