Essay on importance of legal education in india

It was also suggested that for the purpose of grant of recognition to law colleges a committee should be formed consisting of a member nominated by the Bar Council of India and not by its Chairman onlya member to be nominated by Hon.

At this time three bodies of practitioners viz, advocates, Attorneys and Vakils were in existence. However, the growth of the internet and globalization has radically changed the picture.

Rule of law in all its dimensions remains the single most important challenge the country is facing. Use of contemporary teaching techniquesand adoption of the Outcomes Model- The Bar Council will encourage the use of teaching techniques employed at the best law schools across the world, such as the problem-posing method, and the adoption of the outcomes model in order to embellish language, computer, and public speaking skills, would be encouraged.

But they were allowed to exercise the functions of advocates in suits of their own.

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India entering the WTO and adopting policies of economic liberalization in the s brought about legislative changes in the new millennium not only in the economy but also in the regulatory framework of human resource development.

Most of the law schools and colleges had only part-time law teachers, with an exception of a few whole-time teachers. They do not play any role in the formulation of policies, law colleges and universities perennially followed traditional path.

The Mughal era marked the beginning of establishment of a system to administer justice wherein courts to adjudicate were set up. Admission to law schools should be restricted on merit and seriousness.

Essay on importance of legal education in india

Generally, the infrastructure of the national law schools is better than what exists in the law departments of traditional universities. The standard of bar and bench is the reflection of the quality and standard of the legal education acquired at the law school. The examination system of our universities is defective. Get Essay The emerging digitization concept has altered this perception. Access to foreign legal materials has become much easier on account of the development of information and communication technology. Italian and French law schools are affiliated with public universities, and are thus public institutions. As a consequence, law schools are required to admit anyone holding the baccalaureate. The new system also reduced the apprenticeship period at the Legal Research and Training Institute to one year. The committee of legal education of the Harvard Law School lays emphasis on double purpose of a law school- 1 To train men for the legal profession, and 2 To provide a centre where scholars might contribute to an understanding of law and government and participate creatively in their growth and improvement. With the advent of globalization, it has become increasingly important to include international and comparative law perspectives. There is an uproar among the schools which failed to get the government's approval and even among the schools that did get the approval, there is dissatisfaction due to an extremely low enrollment number.

He made provision for parties to be represented by attorneys and fixed the counsel fee a little more than Re. The main function of the legal education is to produce lawyers with social vision.

Importance of legal education Legal education is a broad concept.

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Impact of Globalization on Legal Education in India Essay Example