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For users with proficient Chinese, this program provides an alternative way of inputing Chinese characters. By using your Google G-Mail login ID and password, this personalized database can be synchronized through Google server such that the smart personalized database is available to you at any other PC that you can access. The keyboard skins are very aesthetically pleasing, as well. Since after the installation of Google Pinyin IME, it is always there ready for your Chinese input or English input, you can input Chinese text anywhere you can input English text. Some other people are using handwriting method to input Chinese characters. Down Arrow and Up Arrow for More Choices On the horizontal line of the list of choices presented by PC for you to chose the correct output, if none of the items listed on this line is the correct one, there are more output items if you can look at the right side of the horizontal line under the Goggle logo, there is a small down arrow and a small up arrow. From the description page, you can access interactive transcripts under the Dialogue tab, or review words and phrases under Vocab. It will analyze the already keyed-in character sequence, and match the sub-sequences to corresponding smaller word or character, eventually building up the word the user originally wants. To type a Chinese character, you type out its sound according to Pinyin.

What does a Chinese Keyboard look like? Chinese Learning Tool. With SpeechAnywhere, Speech from web page or other window is just a click away!

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The third line from the top is where you specify whether you want Traditional Chinese characters or Simplified Chinese characters in the computer output. These're very useful in Chinese teaching. Conversion between simplified and traditional Chinese. It shifts the heavy burden of Chinese input workload to the smart computers to make the life much easier for the users. Such speed advantage of Google Pinyin IME will become even more obvious if the user is writing long Chinese documents requiring inputting hundreds or thousands of Chinese characters. IME allow English keyboards to produce thousands of characters used in written Chinese. For example, the intelligence in these Pinyin IMEs is smart enough to be very forgiving to allow fuzzy and imprecise input from users in that s and sh are interchangeable, z and zh are interchangeable, c and ch are interchangeable for those users whose Chinese accents make them difficult to distinguish these Pinyins precisely. It is obviously much faster and easier than using handwriting method. Therefore, the new Pinyin based Chinese input requires the users to spell only the first letter of the Pinyin correctly. Some other people are using handwriting method to input Chinese characters. Find out Zi by its components dialog. These two databases are not static but are updated constantly. The more you use it, the smarter the tool becomes to match your intended Chinese sentence or phrase accurately and faster. Such new, intelligent and powerful IMEs, make it much easier and faster for users to input Chinese text into computers. Interface-language Selectable.

After selecting the right one, that character will pop over to the first box. Contratry to what a lot of peopel think, Chinese don't use a Chinese keyboard. Learn to write Chinese characters. How do Chinese type? Enjoy the beauty of Chinese characters in writing.

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Such IME becomes so smart because user's PC is supported by high speed Internet connection to use the intelligence in, the large and adaptive databases in and the fast processing power of main frame computers in the server.

To type a Chinese character, you type out its sound according to Pinyin. In using these new and smart Chinese input tools, the longer the Chinese sentence is, the easier and the faster it is to input.

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