Causes of poverty in pakistan essay

poverty and its effects in pakistan

Alone leadership is not enough for its solution. Establishment of justice and equality 4.

Poverty in pakistan 2018

Socio-economic challenges faced by Pakistan Both the theories relate to the implications of development in Third World countries; in this case being Pakistan. Controlling of inflation and other economic indicators and regulators. All people of country have lost his trust on others which effect our social and economic system which cause of poverty. Establishment of justice and equality G. Most of people do not have any concept about the current earning sources. Then the investor withdraws his money with profit and market suddenly collapses. Everyday struggles for survival may include not having enough food for nourishment, no access to clean water, no proper shelter, lack of clothes, or no doctors and medicines. Islam versus the west The high rates of inflation and the unavailability of consumer products does no good to pull the country out of this misery. It is the fundamental duty and responsibility of the country to fulfill the basic needs of its people. Merit should be the upshot strategy in all walks of life 9. Meanwhile, the taxes collected from the rich do not exceed five percent. Moreover, 40 percent of the urban population lives in slum areas.

Guenon n. Infrastructure development would be an effective tool to curb the rising ratio of poverty. Dilemma of the water and energy crisis in Pakistan Everyone is trying to get rich by using unfair means.

Merit should be the upshot strategy in all walks of life 9. I in Pakistan Apart from the financial dimensions of poverty there are various other facets which make a person poor. In fact, 80 percent of the tax revenue comes from the poor for services including utilities, petrol and mobile communication.

People of the society are not ready to help each other.

essay on poverty in pakistan for class 10

Nearly two thirds of our population lives in rural areas.

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Causes of poverty and its effects