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When you are ready, you can sit for the CMM exam. Checks and money orders are not acceptable forms of payment. As an aspiring certified case manager, you will need to know exactly how to handle the job in as efficient a manner as possible. To obtain this certification, every potential case manager must take the CCM exam prior to beginning their work. However, if you fail the retake exam, you will have to fill out another application and pay the necessary fees. Beyond these incentives, getting your Case Management certification outfits you with important information, from both practical and ethical standpoints. First, you must be able to carry out your case management duties fully and self-sufficiently. In other words, this part of the exam relates to understanding your patients, their families, and the surrounding community of the hospital or private practice you work in. The CCM exam consists of multiple-choice questions.

If you want to pass the CCM exam with flying colors on your first attempt, Mometrix is here to help. The CCM exam consists of multiple-choice questions. The CCM exam is administered three times a year. You can expect to receive your new certificate in the mail. Once you schedule your appointment with Prometric, you will receive an email from them confirming your scheduled test appointment.

At least 2, hours of employment should have been completed in the field of Case Management Nursing within the last 3 years, as well as a minimum of 30 continuing education hours in case management within the same time frame.

ccm certification study guide 2019

What it takes to be able to get your license in the first place is a separate matter. Now what?

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After obtaining your degree, you will receive on-the-job training that can help you to prepare for becoming a certified case manager. On the day of your exam, it is important to arrive at least fifteen minutes early.

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The exam is administered at Prometric testing centers located nationwide. You will need to specify that you have a disability on your application. Additionally, you should be sure to go over the general vernacular of case management, as they will show up on the exam in some form. The CCM is an exam that certifies Case Managers, giving them the credentials to show that they have the knowledge, expertise, and professional experience to provide services to patients. Your ATT email will contain the contact information for Prometric as well as additional information about how you can schedule your test appointment. At 7 questions total, it makes up only 5 percent of the full exam. Q What is the pass rate for the CCM exam? I need a good study resource. Personal items such as electronics, bags, study material, food, and drinks will not be permitted inside the testing room with you.

Second, you must be fully licensed in your specific field—both in terms of education and your ability to work as a CCM with no assistance or monitoring from fellow professionals. Q What is the pass rate for the CCM exam?

ccm certification study guide 2018

Just click the CCM exam secrets link below.

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Case Management Certification (Review and Practice Questions)