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Table 2 shows the frequency and percentage of job stress and burnout dimensions in order from low to high. In addition, burnout was a predictor of musculoskeletal pain, although the pathophysiological pathways linking these conditions remain unclear [ 66 ].

Maslach defined and explained burnout by using available concepts and also created the Maslach Burnout Inventory MBI scale.

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Abstract Introduction Job stress has become one of the main factors in reducing efficiency and the loss of human resources that may cause physical and psychological adverse effects in employees. This review provides relevant evidence of the physical, psychological and occupational consequences of this syndrome to workers. Although it has been graded by the Likert five parts scale 1: never, 5: always , the range of scores are different based on the previously mentioned factors emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and reduced personal accomplishment. The population consisted of all hospital personnel. The scientific reliability was more than 0. Conclusion Since the rate of job stress in hospital personnel is worrying and it has adverse effects on personnel health, effective strategies on physical and mental health, such as employment support and stress management training, seem crucial to enhance physical and psychological health of hospital personnel. Methods This cross-sectional study was conducted on hospital personnel Male: , Female: in Yazd in — The results regarding the incidence of sleep problems following burnout were not consistent in our review. For the individual, absenteeism or presenteeism due to health problems may represent the beginning of a process of social decline involving job loss and even permanent exclusion from the labor market. People who are working in various organizations receive mental stress from their working environment, which is called job stress.

The mean burnout dimensions that were above average included emotional exhaustion At the end, researchers ensured that the officials were informed of the published paper.

Furthermore, Workers under recurrent or prolonged stress may also more frequently engage in unhealthy behaviors, such as a poor or rich diet, a lack of physical exercise and alcohol abuse. One hypothesis is that the autonomic nervous system ANS and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal HPA axis become exhausted due to burnout.

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In the next stage, inferential statistics, specifically a Pearson-product moment correlation to assess the relationship between variables and independent-samples t-test to compare the mean scores of numerical variables between two groups of hospital personnel, were used.

The reliability and validity of this inventory in Iran was done by Badaghi On the other hand, the mean of emotional exhaustion In this review, we observed that workers who experienced medium or high levels of burnout were at higher risk of short or long-term sickness absences.

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Burnout can also trigger presenteeism [ 45 ] and absenteeism [ 39 , 40 , 51 , 68 , 79 ]. In the present review, studies that detected associations between burnout and depressive symptoms either excluded those affected by this outcome at baseline or controlled for these symptoms, which favors the argument that these are indeed distinct conditions. The majority of the cohort studies selected for this review was from Nordic countries. In a recent meta-analytic study, Goering et al. Among the physical consequences of burnout that were prospectively investigated, cardiovascular diseases and pain stood out. Demographic questionnaire This questionnaire included some information about hospital personnel, including age, gender, marriage, education level, economic status, employment history, field of study, and work shift. Studies have shown that burnout is more stable than engagement over time [ , ]. These differences may be due to the varying methodologies of the studies, with different tools used to measure burnout or sleep disturbances.

Job history mean and standard deviation was However, Maslach and Leiter [ 4 ] have argued that there are problems with this analysis since the instruments used for measuring burnout and depression are both dominated by fatigue.

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