Beowulf and the anglo saxon society

In Iliad, Achilles using the feeling of Revenge to complete his journey. Grendel, the villain of this tale and his mother were loyal to each other as family is.

beowulf as an anglo saxon epic

Although "Beowulf" and "Grendel" seem very similar they do have many differences as well. It was well known that when a person was killed, a family relative can take revenge until there is no one left to carry out the cycle. Marino,2 Not only did the feudal system evolve but the religion did too.

Beowulf and the anglo saxon society

That hero lived in their culture and he believed in the same things that they did. Chirurgic, 4 The only thing that is needed is pure intentions and man can overcome anything.

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The Angles, Saxons, and another group of people called the Jutes had taken most of that area. Some of these secondary characters are almost as noble and courageous as Beowulf himself, while others are lowly cowards.

How does beowulf reflect the ideals of anglo-saxon society

Beowulf himself is said to be the strongest man on earth at that time, and the way he wrestled Grendel almost effortlessly, while so many others had failed, proved that he had a kind of superhuman physical strength. No where else in the poem are the hero's actions portrayed as anything but right and good. Beowulf showed that he wanted to be fair to everyone, including his enemies. Grummet, That is one great reason that he was able to be the hero he was. If you kill a Churl you would have to pay less to the family compared to killing thane which was more expensive. Despite seeming like the most qualified leader would take the throne, warrior kings inherently were driven by these same values to be overly prideful and violent. Women, however, are rarely mentioned in Beowulf These creatures symbolize the evil that lurks beyond the dark. This did not only show fairness but it represented his courage because he knew well that the same monster that he was going to fight, single handedly and without armor or weapons, had killed hundreds before him. Everything was just out of his hands. Lambert, 1 When comparing the Epic Poem and the life and beliefs Of Anglo-Saxons it is seen why the story is held in such a high regard and why it represents the culture. In this religion, the goal was not too look to the gods for spiritual purposes but worshipping them was a way of ensuring success. To begin with, much of the Old English poetry was probably intended to be chanted, with harp accompaniment, by the Anglo-Saxon scop
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Beowulf Embodies the Values of Anglo Saxon Society