An analysis of how love can start by two totally opposite persons in in a farewell to arms by ernest

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Wait, funny, you say? This was one of the largest battles in World War Iproducing at least a million casualties. It is a summer during World War I, and troops often march along the road toward the nearby battlefront.

Though he is not religious, Henry treats the priest kindly.

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The count represents a more mature version of Henry's character and Hemingway's masculine ideal. Furthermore, the novel, like much of Hemingway's writing during what were to be his golden years, helped to establish the author's myth of himself as a master of many trades: writing, soldiering, boxing, bullfighting, big-game hunting.

I agree. While Henry takes seriously his duty as a lieutenant, he does not subscribe to the ideals that one typically imagines fuel soldiers in combat.

The story starts off when a cyclone that hits the one bedroom farmhouse where Dorothy lives with Uncle Henry and Aunt Em War fuels the sense of despair and grief at the heart of the book, establishing the harsh conditions whereby the loss of seven thousand soldiers to a cholera epidemic can be considered nominal.

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After Catherine's death, Henry leaves the hospital and walks home in the rain. It also presents this contrast in woman and men.

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At dinner, the men drink and tease the priest. The priest believes that Henry lacks someone to love and, when Henry protests, draws a distinction between lust for prostitutes, of which there is no shortage among the soldiers, and true, profound love. When one of their vehicles bogs down in the mud, Henry orders the two engineers to help in the effort to free the vehicle. But an active sex drive does not explain why Henry returns to Catherine—why he continues to swear his love even after Catherine insists that he stop playing. Jesus Christ, I say it's rotten. After the barber and the porter leave, Catherine enters, and Henry realizes that he is in love with her. When word comes that German troops are breaking through the Italian lines, the Allied forces prepare to retreat. It's an expansive, multi-facted, sometimes highly unique look at a wartime environment, one that at least here in his early career he published this when he was 30 belies all the complaints that have ever been made about his hackneyed personal style. She breaks from the kiss suddenly and sends him away for the night. A major greets Henry and his drivers and installs them in a dugout.
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