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Nursing is obviously about patient care, but it is so much more than that. She did this by gathering a team of thirty females to work in a Crimea military hospital. I believe a nurse is someone with a calling who dedicates their life to helping those in need. Every nurse should have developed a personal philosophy at one point because it explains not only to others but also to ourselves why we do what we do. She later wrote to a British army leader on how the army needed to improve its medical standard. Nursing Theorist Lydia Hall: The Care, Cure, and Core Domains of Nursing The nursing theorist that played a major role on how we practice nursing today was Lydia Hall; she was the pioneer in nursing autonomy and nurse driven care. Hall believed that when a patient came into the hospital with an acute disease, medicine did a great job at treating that simple disease or illness. Hall also believed that this is where nursing can make a significant difference.

Instead, it is a belief system or way of life and not a discipline that can simply be practiced then abandoned to the dictates of a time clock.

Hall also believed that this is where nursing can make a significant difference. If the patient has heart problems because they have an eating disorder then the nurse needs to help and guide the patient so they can have a better lifestyle. She was later honored as the founder of nursing. My personal philosophy of nursing evolved over the years and includes my observations, beliefs, thoughts, and practices.

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After graduating high school, nursing was not the first career that came to my mind. There are usually several reason one may choose to become a nurse; however, nursing is one of those professions that often chooses the person rather than the other way around.

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While in school I was working at Walmart, it was a decent job. With its unstructured beginning, nursing has surely grown into an important aspect of how we perform health care today.

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It is a culmination of compassion, service, knowledge, teamwork, integrity, and perseverance. These domains were a way to explain how a nurse should treat their patient. I believe nursing care should be holistic while honoring patient values No other profession offers the opportunity to make such a profound difference in peoples lives. I believe a nurse is someone with a calling who dedicates their life to helping those in need. To develop a positive therapeutic nurse-client relationship, nurses must integrate all 5 dimensions of the therapeutic nurse-client relationship into their practice CNO, Nobody goes into nursing expecting it to be easy, it is a tough job that requires a lot of dedication which is why it is important to remember just why it is that we are doing it. It was after my older brother became sick and I began to spend more time in the hospital that I realized that this was the career I was intended for

When I graduated high school, I wanted to have a career in the healthcare field, I enrolled at Valencia College to do a major in Chemistry, because I wanted to complete the pre-medicine requirements in order to attend medicine school.

In the fifth century, the Hippocratic collection in some places documented nursing as an art of practicing skilled medical care on an ill individual.

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