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There are small signs, however, that the shoot on Detachment wasn't an entirely happy one. But I had passion. So I said: "No, Marlon, I'll just be in it. And that passion helped a young actor give the best performance of his career, and get nominated for an Academy award.

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A rebel and something of a performance artist in an industry that has grown increasingly nervous of mavericks, Kaye has, frustratingly, spent more time fighting battles off the screen than making movies. He also reunites with Stacy, and tries to persuade her to leave with him, but Stacy is absolutely dedicated to the cause. Kaye spoke emphatically about the possibilities of the new technology. When New Line sent me the script of American History X, about the relationship between a neo-Nazi and his impressionable kid brother, it was deeply flawed. The two-and-a-half hour film, shot in black and white, is a compelling exploration of both sides of the abortion debate, as merciless in its depiction of homicidal pro-life campaigners as it is of the abortion procedure itself. Unlike me. There is a long pause. He grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family in Stamford Hill, north London, where his father worked in garment manufacturing - 'mass-market stuff And that passion helped a young actor give the best performance of his career, and get nominated for an Academy award. He wasn't too happy. During the walk there, Derek is acutely aware that he may be being followed by a car. The commercials enable me to do the films and music I want to do, but I'm not into upsetting or provoking people any more. A lot of very, very insane things. At the time Norton was Hollywood's golden boy, although personally I didn't think he had enough weight or presence.

That much is evident from the parts of the picture that work. InKaye was offered his first job in advertising as a junior art director at Collett, Dickinson and Pearce. When the new director returned empty-handed, Kaye flew the Dominicans to the UK and paraded them outside McCann's London headquarters on a flatbed truck, accompanied by a piece reggae band.

Deeply, he tells Adam Higginbotham Bybarely two years after he started work on American History X, his first feature as a director, Tony Kaye had few friends left in Hollywood.

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Lamont denies this but his face gives away his true actions. Outside, giant abstract canvases lean against the wall, daubed with phrases that have overflowed onto nearby objects; two television sets sit beside a wall, their screens obscured by coats of yellow ochre.

By the age of 13, he had given up football and decided to become a painter; at 16 he left school and at 18 enrolled at Medway College of Design in Kent to study design and illustration. And that was the end of that one. More surprising, it is New Line Cinema.

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Director Tony Kaye disowns his own film