A biography of alexander fleming the one who discovered benzylpenicillin

When Chain heard that he was coming, he remarked "Good God!

alexander fleming discovery

Purification and stabilization 3D-model of benzylpenicillin. Alexander Fleming: The Man and the Myth. Before Fleming left for a two-week vacation, a petri dish containing a staphylococcus culture was left on a lab bench and never placed in the incubator as intended.

Clinical studies also demonstrated its effectiveness against syphilis, and byit was the primary treatment for this disease in the armed forces of Britain and the United States. He was born into a Scottish sheep-farming family Ho Keefer for penicillin.

Chester Keefer of Boston, Chairman of the National Research Council's Committee on Chemotherapy, had the unenviable task of rationing supplies of the drug for civilian use. Lechevalier HA, Solotorovsky M. Alexander Fleming, holding a petri dish.

alexander fleming biography
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Pioneers in Science: Alexander Fleming